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Why the name Grapevine?

The obvious reason is that the name connotes word-of-month. On a more subliminal level, it suggests that a good wine (the desired result) requires the selection of good grapes (providers).

However, the origin of the term stems from the 18th Century Old Grapevine Tavern, which had an ancient grapevine growing on one side.  Popular with actors, writers, artists, politicians and New York's fashionable men, the Old Grapevine became a Civil War gathering spot for Union officers as well as Confederate spies. The phrase "Heard It Through the Grapevine" is said to have originated at this drinking establishment. The tavern was sold in 1912 and, much to the previous owners dismay, opened a back room where women could sit and drink. The Old Grapevine was demolished in 1915.

How long have you been in business?
Our predecessor business was started over 20 years ago, and has been updated for this new mission
Is there a membership fee?
Not for the Silver Membership.
How do I get in touch with someone at the Palm Beach Grapevine?
We can be contacted by e-mail or telephone. See the Contact Us tab.
What businesses are rated in the Recommended Businesses listings?
Click on the tab to see the complete list of services.
What are the major benefits of the Recommended Businesses listings?
There are numerous benefits:
1. You have access to a list of recommendations from your neighbors, which can steer you to reliable businesses and help you avoid substantial aggravation and monetary loss.
2. Businesses have an incentive to provide you with fair value and good service to maintain their listing.
3. Many listees offer REAL discounts (10-20%) and special offers to attract members business. These discounts are not offered to non-members.
4. Our Review procedure allows customers to post ongoing reviews of listed businesses, which will provide ongoing information about consumers experiences with the companies.
Why would I use the Recommended Businesses list when I can just ask my neighbors for recommendations?
We can give you unbiased experience with hundreds of companies, which your neighbors can't do.
Can a business pay for a listing?
Definitely not. A business cannot gain a listing through advertising, but rather must be nominated and then screened by a panel of at least 500 homeowners.
Can a Recommended Business be delisted?
Yes. We will cancel the listing if we receive negative feedback from our readers. Moreover, a business determined to be violating our rules or engaging in unfair practices in regards to its listing will be removed from the Directory.
Can a user post a comment about a listed business?
Yes. We have created a blog for just that purpose. We will soon have in place a direct comment program, where the comment will appear next to the listings.. Where a comment is negative, the listee then has the opportunity to explain or refute the comment. This allows the reader to get the full story.
How do you protect against shills?
Unlike most rating services, the Recommended Businesses have gone through a screening procedure which will greatly reduce the possibility of a shill getting on the list. However, no procedure is perfect so you should proceed cautiously.
What can I do if I want to check on a particular business I am thinking of using but it is not in the listings?
With our new blog, you can ask other homeowners for specific information about their experiences with the unlisted business and any potential problems they may have had. You will thus have a more extended Grapevine to help you in your buying decisions.
What happens after a member makes a Penalty Box complaint?
Upon receipt of a Penalty Box recommendation, we will give the business an opportunity to respond. The business can either
Resolve the complaint -- and thereby avoid inclusion;
Explain its side of the story -- so readers can judge the validity of the complaint; or
Refuse to respond -- and remain in the Penalty Box.
We may also recommend that the homeowner file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and other consumer protection agencies. We provide a link to these agencies local, state, and federal as part of the Penalty Box.
In egregious cases, we may (1) invite all homeowners who have had problems with the contractor to contact us so that we can determine whether there is a pattern, perhaps fraudulent, that should be pursued through other venues and/or (2) explore the background of the contractor to determine whether there is any record of criminal activity.
To be eligible to list a business in the Penalty Box, you must be a member of a participating HOA .
What services are included in your Concierge services?
It offers many of the traditional homeowner services you need but dont know where to find reliable and responsible businesses to provide them. In addition, it offers other valuable services available only in very upscale communities. Just click on the tab Concierge Services for the full details.
What is your Privacy Policy?
This can be found by clicking on the Privacy Policy button on the bottom of the Website page or by clicking here.
What are the drawbacks to these large national ratings Websites, such as Angies List?
The drawbacks of these large Websites, compared with the benefits of the Grapevine, are:
1.They cover the entire country, and therefore cannot take into consideration local tastes, attitudes, and conditions (despite efforts to compartmentalize the country). On the other hand, we are specifically geared to local members, and consider YOUR specific interests.
2.They cannot adequately police the common practice of using shills to recommend a merchant to gain a listing, which can easily occur where a recommendation from just a few unknown consumers is all that is needed to get an unreliable business on the list. On the other hand, we greatly limit the potential abuse of shill listings because of our screening procedures.
3.They charge for access, and we do not. In addition, we offer a lot more features and capabilities than these large Websites.
Could I not just use the Recommendations list to contact a business rather than going through the Concierge program?
You could but you would lose a number of advantages:
1.You would get better service through the Concierge Services program than you would on your own. For example, you generally get better service at a restaurant recommended by a Concierge than as a one-time walk-in customer.
2.Because businesses know that their failure to deliver can cost them not just the repeat business from the aggrieved customer but the loss of business from the much larger Concierge customer base, they will be far more willing to make amends than if they had dealt with you alone.
3.Because we are a member of the Concierge Association of the Palm Beaches (fellow members include Boca Raton Resort & Club, Four Seasons Palm Beach, Palm Beach Convention Center, and The Breakers Palm Beach), we can often arrange special arrangements with these luxury facilities that would not otherwise be available to you..
4.W are able to obtain benefits and privileges (such as in private yacht, dining, golf, and tennis clubs) that you could not get on your own.
Moreover, you would not save any money by dealing with the business directly because the costs are generally the same.
How does My Newsletter Library work?
It contains Newsletters and similar publications to bring you news of important developments of interest to you. It also calls attention to Newsletters that may be of great interest to you but you dont know where to find them or even that they exist.
What is My Personal Portal?
Its a program that provides a portal to Internet information specifically of interest to YOU. While Googling is an excellent search tool, it often requires users to wade through an overload of chaff to get to the wheat. My Personal Portal not only provides easy access to the Google search engine but, in addition, helps organize your search to provide more direct access to the information YOU need. Based on suggestions from viewers, it highlights new Websites you would not even know exist. By the way, its precursor received Forbes Magazines Best of the Web award.
How extensive is its reach?
VERY extensive. Through it, you can find 5,000,000 Websites in 1,000,000 different categories.
How extensive is the material provided by the Financial Guidance Center?
Again, VERY extensive. This program offers several thousand pages of important financial guidance.
What are the credentials of the writers and editors?
As high as you can get. Check out their qualifications in Authors and Editors and Advisory Board in the Users Guide.
Can I implement the advice in the Financial Guidance Center on my own or should I run it by my financial advisor?
It is ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL to seek the guidance of a professional advisor before implementing any of the suggestions contained in the Life Guidance Center because:
1.The strategies are general in nature and may not apply to your specific situation;
2.Other opportunities may be better suited to your particular needs; and
3.The rules and regulations are constantly changing.
I notice a link in some areas of the Financial Guidance Center to Our Personal Financial Planning Services. What does this mean?
To cover some of the heavy costs involved in writing, editing, reviewing and updating the extensive content in the Financial Guidance Center, we have licensed this content to a financial organization which provides it to their customers for a substantial fee. To cover its licensing fees, this organization offers these financial planning services to its customers, and mentions the availability of these services to them. However, these services are not being offered to Grapevine viewers.
How many pages of content are in the Financial Guidance Center?
Because of the difficulty of keeping track of the material spread, prepared and uploaded over varying time frames, we ESTIMATE that the content currently exceeds two thousand pages.
Why do you claim that the Financial Guidance Center is superior to other financial planning sites?
There are two major reasons for this::
1.It is completely OBJECTIVE since its goal is not to promote a particular product. Virtually all other sites offering financial guidance have agendas that result in their editorial material being unfairly slanted.
2.It is written and edited by some of the top of their minds in the country (see About Us / Authors and Editors [[link] In addition, the articles have all been reviewed by members of an Advisory Board containing a top financial experts in the country (see About Us / Advisory Board of the Financial Guidance Center [link].). Other sites use articles from anonymous writers, often college students with no real-world experience. Compare these MANY pages of detailed information about the people behind the Financial Guidance Center to the paucity of similar information about marketing-driven Websites.













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