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An Overview of the Options

To keep the cost structure simple, the Palm Beach Grapevine offers only four options, all priced at $199/year. We can keep the prices at this level because our system is fully automated, and allows you to create and modify the upgrades, ads and special offers without intervention on our part. However, recognizing that many listees prefer not to perform even these simple steps, we will -- as an Introductory Offer -- provide them for Sponsors free of charge.

A Sponsor ($599/year) includes all of the above benefits plus several additional benefits available ONLY to sponsors, as shown below.

Standard Listing: Free

A Standard Listing is free to all licensed business with an office, store or other acceptable place of business in Palm Beach County.

Upgrade to a Featured Listing: $199/year

In addition to your Standard Listing, you can have a Featured Listing, in the format shown on the right, for $199 a year. The Featured Listing offers the following business-building benefits in addition to the Standard Listing: Position will be assigned by the date of your order. Thus, it is important that you make your decision to upgrade ASAP to get the best available position.

Basic Ad: $199/year

Border Ads:
You can place an ad on the left or right side of each page as close as possible to your listing. You can choose either a standard size ad, a double-size ad, or a triple-size ad.  We will place the same ad on another page (run of the house) for a period of six months at no extra charge.

Banner Ads: You can place a banner ad across the top of a page. The space can be (1) for your sole use, (2) shared with another ad, or (3) shared with two other ads -- all on a rotating basis. If you choose a sole-use ad, you can use the space for a three-image slide-show. You can choose to place it on a (1) Primary-Tier page (e.g., Equestrian Center, My Lifestyle), (2) Secondary-Tier page (e.g., Dressage, News) or (3) Listing Page (e.g., Nela: Provide and set up links to previous)

The sizes and costs of the ads are depicted in the model below.

Special Offers Program: $199/year

THE Grapevine’s unique Special Offers program allows you to offer your customers and potential customers a CUSTOMIZED announcement at any time of any special deals and discounts that you choose to promote.  

Most special offers are marketed through published booklets or flyers on the websites of third parties. These avenues are usually quite expensive and it is very difficult (and often impossible) to revise an offer to meet changing circumstances. In any event, you have to go through the third party (often incurring additional fees) to make any changes. The most difficult hurdle is that few customers store the printed offers they receive. Thus, they receive them when they are not yet ready to buy and don’t have them at hand when they are ready to buy. 

On the other hand, our program is very inexpensive (just $199 a year, free if you’re a Sponsor) and allows you to change the offer (1) any time you want (2) on your own (3) in just a few minutes (4) at no charge. You can expand or provided additional details on the offer by providing a link either to a dedicated page on your website detailing your special offers or to your homepage. An additional benefit of the Grapevine program is that our viewers will be accustomed to looking for special offers at the time they are ready to buy and, because of our organized access, can find them very easily.

Additional Benefit: Your Special Offers can be accessed from two avenues: (1) your Featured Listing and (2) our Special Offers section.

Web Traffic-Builder: $199/year

The Palm Beach Grapevine has been designed as a Traffic-Builder for host Websites. It contains almost 4,000 pages of content (in separate modules) of universal interest specifically designed and populated to induce viewers to access the host Website. (Since viewers generally learn of the Grapevine from the host site, they believe the host to be the only source of the content.)

Once becoming aware of the Grapevine content, believed to be reachable only through the host, viewers will return to the host Website far more often. These added viewers will likely browse the host Website while there, bringing bonus traffic to the host’s offerings.  Regardless of the extent of bonus-viewer browsing, there is no downside to providing the Grapevine link.


For a flat annual fee of $199, you can make any or even all of our Content Modules a part of your Website: If you’d like to include the ENTIRE Grapevine into your Website, you can do so for the same annual fee of $199 (quite a bargain considering that it took over one year to build and cost in the six figures). You can even call it “[Your Company Name] Grapevine,” to maximize its stature.
The fee is waived for HOAs, membership associations, civic organizations and 501(c)(3) charities.

Upon receipt of your application, we will email you the linking information and a license to use the Content Module. We will also send you a number of Certificates attesting to your Authorization to host the Content Modules, which will encourage your customers to look to YOUR Website for the treasure trove of information it will now offer.

Sponsorship: $599

As a Sponsor, you will receive many valuable benefits worth far more than the sum of the parts: In addition, you will receive benefits not available to non-Sponsors (even if they wanted to pay for them): Future benefits will include ten annual memberships (value: $99 each) in our Concierge Club  (now under development), which you can use to encourage customer spending patterns.  

Sponsorship is quite effective because of the special bond we have with our viewers -- due to the interaction with the Grapevine and the valuable free content they receive -- who then often feel a bond with our Sponsors. (Requests from traditional ad media to “support our advertisers” do not generate anywhere near the same support.)





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